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We have one mission. To make life easier. Easier for our customers, community, and employees. For over 125 years, we’ve built and sustained an atmosphere that nurtures potential and supports the professional and personal advancement of our team members.

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work/life balance

We understand that in order to have employees who grow and succeed on the job, we have to make sure they have time to do the same off the job. Work and life in balance. Works for us.

career development

We look for people with ability and give them the opportunities they need to learn, grow, and shape their own future. We believe that when you enjoy what you do, and who you do it with, everybody wins.

a giving culture

One of our goals is to help make life better for the people in our community, and that extends well beyond anything to do with technology. Giving back to our neighbors is part of our job, although we’d hardly call it work.

Competitive Pay

You will find our salaries to be very competitive with like companies in our area, but without the hassle of a long, traffic-filled commute.

Bonus Opportunity

When the company is successful and has a banner year, you will reap the benefits as well.

PTO - Paid Time Off

Personal time is valuable to you and your family and can be a healthy way to recharge. In coordination with your workgroup, you can decide how and when you take advantage of paid time off. PTO is earned monthly based on tenure with the company.

Health & Well Being

Supporting a healthy work environment along with good personal health, Comporium provides an onsite health and wellness center for employees and spouses. Not only can you receive proactive and immediate healthcare attention, you will also have access to a health coach who can assist you with achieving personal health goals.

Paid Holidays

These are days that are provided so that you can celebrate or honor the traditions of each event.

401(k) with company matching!

We all hope to retire at some point, so why not get prepared to ride off into the sunset with a company who helps you achieve that goal by matching a percentage of what you save.

Short and Long-term Disability

While we hope we never need it, it is here in case you find yourself in that position.

Tuition Assistance

In an ever-evolving business, we understand the need to always continue to grow and stretch our knowledge. Comporium supports that personal growth and stretching as well by helping our team members pursue first time or advanced degrees and certifications.

Product and Service Discounts

We want you to know, understand and experience the value of our products and services, so we offer discounts to allow our team members to do this in the most affordable way.

Comporium was built with bare hands and family values. That is why our hands are much more than just hands. They’re part of a community that thrives on growth and a culture that encourages and celebrates the successes of its employees.